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05/23/14 Gail G., Leaking Tub Faucet-81007

05/23/14 Gail G- Leaking Tub Faucet 81007.
It was a wonderful experience. They were just excellent. I'm extremely satisfied. In fact I'm scheduling to have you come back out and install a new kitchen faucet next month.

05/08/14 Angela K. Sink Drain Pueblo, Co 81007

05/08/14 Angela K. Sink Drain- Pueblo, Co 81007
The guys are great. I just totally trust them. The whole Fathom "team" including the office staff is my favorite.
They did a great job and I am satisfied with the work done.

05/06/14-Sandra M., Outside faucet Repair

05/06/14 Sandra M. Outside faucet Repair. Pueblo, Co 81006
Ryan always does a good job. I talk about all his great work to everyone and now my brother in law will be calling you to schedule some work he needs. We use Fathom Plumbing for all our plumbing needs.

Pete- Pueblo West- Outside Faucet Install

04/30/14 Pete- Pueblo West- Outside Faucet Install

The whole appointment went well. The Plumbers were very efficient and did a great job!
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